currently untitled, response to the war & crisis in Ukraine (2023)

work in progress, floor installation: 440 ceramic bowls, 440 linen cloths, 440 sunflowers floating in the water-filled bowls

As part of some Orthodox Ukrainian funerals, a bowl of water and cloth are left as a spiritual offering to the deceased. From the bowl the soul may drink, and with the cloth wipe away any tears. An even number of flowers are laid beside the coffin.

Seven months into the invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian forces were able to regain control of the city of Izium after five months of Russian occupation. Upon assessing the city, a mass grave was found with nearly 440 bodies-- mostly civilian. This is one city. The body count of one mass grave. Yet, the atrocities that have raged in Ukraine since February of 2022 continue still-- for what? How many more lives will be lost before this ends? How can events like this still be happening around the globe? Has the world not had enough?

This work is a memorial to those of that mass grave in Izium, and to those directly & indirectly affected by this ongoing crisis. It also prompts our awareness of what is at stake with this continued violence, and remembrance of the too much that has already been lost.