Kately Towsley is a multidisciplinary visual artist currently based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Artist Statement

Kately Towsley makes work about the human experience. Engaging with topics of memory, faith, and social justice, she is interested in people's stories. Towsley views art as an avenue of connection: introspectively a potential connection between artist and Creator, and communally as a way to connect with others.

Using a wide variety of media, Towsley explores and meditates on these themes as she creates; the process of making being a time of contemplation, sometimes worship. Her work shares personal inspection while provoking the viewer’s own thoughts, experiences, knowledge, or lack thereof on a subject. She favors methods that are detail-oriented, tedious, and involved in order to imbue the work with a greater sense of intention and presence. Most often the subject matter she chooses to explore informs the materials and media she uses to create a work. Towsley frequently utilizes fibers, found objects, and organic materials in her sculptures and installations, and integrating other disciplines such as performance, photography, ceramics, and printmaking.

Towsley's work is a product of personal learning and exploration. Towsley makes in response to questions she has, musings, reflections, convictions, or the realization that she does not know enough about a critical history, or current event. There are times Towsley makes in order to document, others to help her spiritually or emotionally process, and others still where her work is a celebration—an act of making inspired by awe, appreciation or joy. At times Towsley's work is an intense investigation in order to educate and commemorate, at others simply an effort to produce beauty and make something tangible with her hands.

Education & Experience

Resident Artist at Olivet Church Studios, Philadelphia 2023 - Present

Teaching Artist at Keystone Creative Goods, Philadelphia 2023 - Present

Back to Basics Residency at Arteles Creative Center in Haukijärvi, Finland August 2023

Teaching Artist at Second State Press, Philadelphia Summer 2023

Fob Holder Residency at Second State Press, Philadelphia Spring 2023

Resident Artist at the Woodland Annex with Resurrection Philadelphia 2023

Member with Da Vinci Art Alliance 2023

Member with the Center for Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA) 2023

Artist Member at One For All Studios, Philadelphia 2022

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art
Oklahoma State University, 2017-2021

Universal Limited Art Editions (ULAE) Internship Recipient

Bay Shore, New York, Fall 2020

-- unable to participate in the internship program due to COVID-19 pandemic --


  • Ephemeral Partner, IMPeRFeCT Gallery, Germantown, Philadelphia, PA | 2023

  • Devotion to: , Second State Press, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA | 2023

  • BFA Studio Capstone Exhibition, Oklahoma State Gardiner Gallery, Stillwater, OK | 2021

  • Slowmentum, Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, Oklahoma City, OK | 2020

  • Ascendance, Modella Art Gallery, Stillwater, OK | 2019, 2020

Features, Awards, Publications

  • The Clay Studio, Ira ‘Bud’ and Lucile A. Grossman Scholarship, Philadelphia, PA | 2023

  • Teravarna Art Gallery, Finalist, 6th Portrait Competition | 2023

  • Albricias the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese magazine, Vol. 60, No. 2 | 2016

  • Albricias the AATSP magazine, Vol. 59, No. 2 | 2015

a prayer

for those who make

O God who in your good providence

did deposit in this world

treasuries of metal and wood, stone and clay

pigments and oils, parchments and fibers—

that we who are created in your image

might from those materials make

and build and craft objects and structures

both beautiful and useful, for the meeting

of physical needs and for the nurturing

of soul and spirit—quicken now

my hands,

my ability,

my knowledge,

and bless this work of creation that

by my labors I might craft a thing that sings

with the very substance of my hope.

I am here to rehearse the New Creation

in the making of this thing.

Breathe, O God, into my lifeless works

that they might somehow hold

in their feeble forms

such angles and fragments and rumors

of the fire of the glory

that is already made ready and waiting

to burst forth from the seams of

creation’s old garment—

when you but speak the word—

and all things sin-soaked and subject to futility

will be suddenly unsodden and revealed in their

truer forms in a new turning of the light,

now resurrected, now shed of

the great groan of the world, now displaying

in the full measure the glory they were intended

to hold at their first crafting.

I am here to rehearse the New Creation

in the making of this thing.

Listen, all who labor—

and my own hands and heart also—Hear!

Hear heaven’s tidings now tolled as hammer

rings, saw strums, and chisel strikes:

The hours and years you spend in this toil

of mastering your imperfect crafts—

for joy in the nature and the working

of these good elements;

for joy in the beauty of the things created;

for knowledge of God’s good pleasure

at the evidence of his image reflected

in us, and of our images reflected

in what we make; for expression

of love in this slow and obedient fashioning

of pleasing and durable items

to do good service to generations;

and for the offering of arts and

eloquent objects which whisper to the

souls of their beholders stirrings of

eternal things that words cannot convey—

To all who toil in the crafting of such

elements, hear these tidings:

Those hours and labors are not lost!

What you have worked is more than it

now seems. The economy of creation is

backloaded and sits on springs. What you

have made will one day be unveiled, unleashed,

take wing, or glow with glory coursing from

that cracked chrysalis you had fashioned in

defiance of the deep shadows of this age—

and in that turning of the page will raise

our voices in chorus and say:

In defiance of the curse, we had been

rehearsing all along the New Creation

in the making of these things.

So now, Creator Spirit, unto that day,

quicken my hands; enliven my imagination.

Mediate my labor; offer inspiration.

With intention, in this shaping, may I love well

those who in the end will benefit by the thing

well-made and useful for their journey.

Accept this undertaking. May my making

now be rendered as an act of worship, O Lord,

that the care with which I craft this thing to

be both beautiful and lasting should stand in

affirmation of your covenantal acts.

And so may the thing I here create,

even in its imperfection,

yet be an object bearing witness to the promise

that all things will be made new, a firstfruits

offering to you, from my own hand.


McKelvey, Douglas Kaine. “A Liturgy For Those Who Work In Wood & Stone & Metal & Clay.” Every Moment Holy, vol. 1, Rabbit Room Press, Nashville, TN, 2017, pp. 57–60.